Patch Testing for Contact Allergies

Patch testing is a simple procedure to help diagnose allergic contact dermatitis and identify the causative agent(s). A T.R.U.E test is a reliable, easy to use patch test. It is designed to help your doctor find out whether you are allergic to the substances included on the test panels. The test panels contain 29 different substances known to cause allergic contact dermatitis.

What is Allergic Contact Dermatitis?

This is a skin reaction that occurs when you touch or contact substances that you are allergic to. Your skin can be itchy, cracked, red, sore, and even bleed. The substances that cause this reaction can be an ingredient in your makeup, aftershave, shampoo, jewelry, medication, and clothing. You may also find these substances at work in your cleaning supplies, paper and ink, medicines, disinfectants, construction materials and rubber products.

The T.R.U.E test patch kit will be applied to your upper back. In addition to the standard patch test, you are also able to bring up to 10 of your own products. Your own products will be applied to your lower back.

Test instructions:

  • Wear comfortable clothing
  • No oral corticosteroids for 4 weeks prior to testing
  • No skin lotions or medicines on test areas (back)
  • You will need to avoid wetting the area as well as sweating. You may sponge bathe or cleanse surrounding areas without submerging the test area or showering for the 72 hours.
  • You will return 48 hours after your test has been applied for the initial reading done by the nurse. During this session your patch test will be removed although you are still advised not to wet/sweat until the final reading with your doctor 72 hours after your test was applied.

For more information about where each allergen we test for can be found and how to avoid them, please click here