Telemed or In-Person Visit Request


In-person visits are preferable for conditions that require examination and/or in-office diagnostic testing, such as skin conditions (eczema, hives, swelling, other skin lesions) or respiratory problems (wheezing, cough, nasal congestion or sinus symptoms). 


We offer Telemed secure video chat visits to both new and existing patients. 

Through a Telemed Visit our medical team can help you with the following Allergy/Asthma/Immunology related issues:

  • initial or follow up evaluation of nasal or sinus symptoms
  • asthma flares due to potentially contagious respiratory infections 
  • initial evaluation or follow up of food or medication allergies
  • evaluation and management of recurrent infections 
  • skin conditions that are not currently flaring (photos of previous skin lesions may be emailed to the office)
  • (established patients): review of lab results and resulting treatment plans
  • (established patients): review of allergen immunotherapy progress and dosing adjustments

The doctor can see you now from the comfort and safety of your home, or conveniently from your workplace. 


Current allergy shot patient: "Click" below to self-schedule an allergy shot

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New and existing patients: Request an in-person or telemed visit by completing and submitting the form below. 

For a life threatening emergency, severe shortness of breath, or extreme difficulty breathing please call 911 or go to the Emergency Department at one our local hospitals.